The Lost Son

Episode 2 | The Stranger

October 25, 2022 Cole Burgett Season 1 Episode 2
The Lost Son
Episode 2 | The Stranger
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As Emily (Bonnie Bogovich) and Arthur (Josiah Robinson) try to help Andrew (Carter Calahan), matters are complicated by the arrival of a menacing Pinkerton detective (Ethan Goff) determined to pin the murder of John Ballard on the Ballard family's only remaining heir.

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Episode Credits:
Bonnie Bogovich as Emily Goodwin
Carter Calahan as Andrew Ballard
Ethan Goff as Mr. Weaver
Josiah Robinson as Arthur Darrows
Esther Medina as the Tavern Keeper

Additional voices provided by Austin Dittrich and Angeles Gonzalez

Audio production by Drew Koessler

Produced by Esther Medina and Ethan Goff

Written and directed by Cole Burgett

Additional sound effects obtained from:

Theme song:
"Dark Walk" by Kevin MacLeod
Used under license CC BY 4.0
No changes were made to the original composition

Voiceover credits provided by Dave Howell

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